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We started out as a copywriting firm and have since grown into a hybrid, web-centric marketing firm. Achieving the "write" results for our clients continues to be at the epicenter of all we do. Period.

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It's all about Shibui (pronounced Shih-bouyee). Our design philosophy is inspired by this Japanese word which serves as our standard for clean, professional & straightforward designs.

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Hi! Welcome to Jonea Gene Marketing & PR : Myrtle Beach Marketing Firm

We are a full-service Myrtle Beach marketing firm and SEO firm serving Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and throughout the nation. We have been marketing Myrtle Beach businesses for over 5 years using traditional, innovative and cutting edge solutions online and in print. Get your message noticed with our proven marketing, public relations and Myrtle Beach SEO messaging solutions. At Jonea Gene, we achieve your Myrtle Beach marketing goals, which allows your advertising dollars to make a bottom line difference. It is not matter of if, but when you will see a return on your investment with our Myrtle Beach marketing and Myrtle Beach SEO solutions.

We Know SEO. Jonea Gene Marketing & PR offers Myrtle Beach SEO solutions gaining increased visibility online. In an era where over 80% of consumers go to Google, Yahoo! and Bing, having a Myrtle Beach SEO strategy in place is essential to capturing your potential audience. The same goes for SEO strategies throughout South Carolina and the rest of the county. Our Myrtle Beach SEO results, along with other successful traditional and online marketing campaigns throughout South Carolina, prove that our unique organic SEO approach to obtaining competitive online rankings is a cost-effective return on your investment. You can trust our credentials, our track record and we would love the opportunity to prove it.

Jonea Gene Marketing & PR is currently the only marketing firm in South Carolina to be certified with the following combination of industry credentials: Certified Business Communicator (CBC), Professional Certified Marketer (PCM) and Professional Internet Marketer (PIM).

Jonea Gene Marketing & PR is a marketing firm located in Myrtle Beach, however, we have provided our marketing and SEO solutions to businesses throughout South Carolina and beyond.